‘Evento do Facebook’ (Facebook Event) is a live expanded cinema installation on the use of social media. Conveying live-captured footage with pre-recorded scenes, the film explores an experimental setting of live acting, editing and fruition. The audience is brought into the stage where the Alex's room, a middle class university student, is next to the screen. The spaces coexist through two points of view: one, from the perspective of the camera which walks on the stage held by a cinematographer, and the second, which is the stage itself. This project was launched in 2014 as my individual final graduation project for the Media Studies bachelor at State University of Campinas. Soon it had the collaboration of more than 50 student and guest artists. The following year, the project was awarded the Student-Artist Grant from UNICAMP to be presented in the campus region. The show was presented throughout Campinas region for different audiences. The project embodies the language of software and the representation by interface in his framework.

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