The dystopian future of suburban city in the outskirts of São Paulo melts through the perspective of a bohemian photographers gang during a friday night out. Built over a classical narrative structure, the lo-fi western noir film tells the story of Sergio and the Savages, while they try to run from a one million dollars debt made in a poker game against the strongest militia in town, the Souzas Mafia.

Set up as a 100 people collaboration project, the film has a strong production design oriented concept, working mainly with non-actors, real institutions and social movements in the city. The cinematography is also collaboratively established with the photography collective SelvaSP, as a body of characters and film crew. This suggests a subjective angle of the screen which shifts in point of view, aesthetics and texture continuously during the plot. The montage deconstructs the hierarchy of every point of view expanding the filmic image into a reflexive condition.

This project is currently under development and it is set to finish before August 2019.

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