Third World Manager: Talk with Angelo Madson

April 24th 2020

I hosted a telematic talk at the Visual Arts Department of University of California San Deigo with Amazon-based community organizer and independent radio host Angelo Madson about the making of my upcoming film Third World Manager. Angelo is an inspiring person that I had the pleasure to work with at the Amazonian city Belém do Pará (north of Brazil) in 2018.  He is the coordinator of the Web Radio Idade Mídia - Comunicação para Cidadania and is the main character of the movie that deals about the impact of entrepreneurial culture in social activism in Brazil. After the Q&A, Visual Arts Professor Brian Cross (aka B+) played some Brazilian tunes straight from his house in LA. You can watch the full talk here. If you would like to see the movie, please contect me directly.  •  •  @matguzzo  •  some rights reserved  •  2005-2021  •  email me to talk about almost anything  •  +55 19 98183 7992  •