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Mateus Guzzo is a brazilian media producer and organizer living in southern California. Specialized in composing and deploying process-based collaborative platforms for projects, stories and organizations, Guzzo has a bachelor in Media Studies by University of Campinas, Brazil, and is currently pursuing his MFA in Speculative Design at University of California, San Diego.

platform production:

surfá app
outra cidade
laces(d): latin-american centered speculative design
transmissão fordlandia
petit festival de janeiro
muto music videos

selected media:

empresário do terceiro mundo
cluster <3
o grande assalto ao pão de açúcar
concessão pública
common places
evento do facebook
o vídeo

text & research:

ao olhar aprender a ver: sobre a prática da fotografia documental
considering apparitions: conceptual documentary photography methodology


uc san diego visual arts
latin american network of surveillance, technology and society studies



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