THIRD WORLD MANAGER is a creative nonfiction film that considers the emerging entrepreneurial culture in Brazil through the story of Angelo Madson, a community organizer in Belém do Pará who coordinates a web-based radio station called Idade Mídia - Comunicação para Cidadania.
In the film, Angelo and I first meet at a talk that I'm giving about Speculative Design at an innovation hub in Belém.
I decide to help him market his activist radio initiative by offering him my consulting services, which would involve utilizing filming as a research tool.

        Navigating through Angelo's biography and media activism practice, the storyline combines interviews, observations, staged scenes and making of material from the lens of my 'consulting team', which ultimately is curious about Angelo as an agent of innovation.
Contemporary debates on the rise of fake news, the role of entrepreneurialism in the Global South, the movement for the democratization of communication in Brazil and broader discussions about alterity in the depiction of subaltern subjects pervade the film in a non-chronological montage that positions Angelo as the main character.

        The film was conceptualized in 2018, shot during 13 days between July and August of the same year and post-produced from September 2018 to April 2020.

"You, you, you, all of you. The plague of the day is that your guts shall be corroded by the moldy and rusty cables of the hegemonic communication, that your eyes shall be perforated by the mainstream media. Your mouth will dry, your lungs will wither and your brain will rot. The plague of the day is: watch Globo, read Veja, connect to ORM news."

–– Angelo Madson

        I hosted a telematic talk at the Visual Arts Department of University of California San Deigo with Amazon-based community organizer and independent radio host Angelo Madson about the making of my upcoming film Third World Manager.
        Angelo is an inspiring person that I had the pleasure to work with at the Amazonian city Belém do Pará (north of Brazil) in 2018.  He is the coordinator of the Web Radio Idade Mídia - Comunicação para Cidadania and is the main character of the movie that deals about the impact of entrepreneurial culture in social activism in Brazil.
        After the Q&A, Visual Arts Professor Brian Cross (aka B+) played some Brazilian tunes straight from his house in LA.